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Contract Renewal Instructions


1. Please email your Contract Renewal information to:



  • In the email SUBJECT LINE please enter “Contract Renewal”

  • Attach to the email a COMPLETED Contract Application


2. Please provide the following information in the body of the email:


  • Type of contract TENNIS or PICKLEBALL

  • DAY of the week and TIME OF DAY (am, pm, the one that applies)

  • Contract Captain’s full name, email address and phone number

  • List of ALL THE PLAYERS in your group that will be responsible for paying, their phone number, and the portion of their payment (examples: “equally”, “full spot”, “half spot”, etc…….)

  • If you as Contract Captain will be paying the entire amount of deposit and contract balance, please let us know that as well.

  • All invoices/payments will be processed through CourtReserve. There are NO Membership or credit card fees on CourtReserve

  • Please make sure your players have a membership and payment profile on CourtReserve using this link:

  • Any questions you may have, please include in your email.


         Colts Neck Racquet Club             


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