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Holiday Pickleball Tournament Results 2018

Men’s Advanced Doubles

1st – Tony Corbo and Eric Alverado


2nd – Mark Mcstay and Adam Weinstock

3rd – Hank Grassi and Matt Buxbaum

                                                                                                  1st                                            2nd                                      3rd   


Men’s Intermediate Doubles

1st – Dave Natelson and Paul Donohue


2nd – Joe Irkowski and Rob Guarino


3rd – Joe Lantieri and Nick Lantieri

                                                                                               1st                                             2nd                                          3rd

Women’s Advanced Doubles

1st – Rebecca Ryan and Rosseann Dibona


2nd – Indah Budiman and Cari Camper


3rd – Missy Potter and Virginia O'Conner

                                                                                             1st                                           2nd                                        3rd

Women’s Intermediate Doubles

1st – Janet Forman and Rosemarie Quirk


2nd – Sandra Smith and Yvonne Noble


3rd – Nancy Edlund and Jennifer Baum


                                                                                                         1st                                        2nd                                       3rd
















Advanced Mixed Doubles

1st – Riaan Jordaan and Rebecca Ryan


2nd – Walter Scott and Virginia O'Conner


3rd – Adam Weinstock and Roz Goldsmith


                                                                                                 1st                                     2nd                                    3rd


Intermediate Mixed Doubles

1st – Kevin Smith and Mary Smith


2nd – Shaun Fitzgerald and Sandra Smith


3rd – Paul Donohue and Linda Liebiedz                       1st                                              2nd                                       3rd





Raffle Winner




                                                                                     Raj Methta

Men's Adv Doubles 3rd.jpg
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Mens Int Doubles 1st.jpg
Mens Int Doubles Group.jpg
Womens Adv Doubles 3rd.jpg
Womens Adv Doubles 2nd.jpg
Womens Adv Doubles 1st.jpg
Womens Adv Doubles Group.jpg
Womens Int Doubles 3rd.jpg
Womens Int Doubles 2nd.jpg
Womens Int Doubles 1st.jpg
Womens Int Doubles Group.jpg
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2018 Medals.jpg
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